Free Mastering

Music Guy Mastering offers FREE mastering to all new clients.

New Clients – New clients get a free audio mastering sample on their first submitted song. This way you can hear firsthand how much better your music can be sounding in the hands of Music Guy Mastering. Submit a song now using this form:

Or click on the free test master link above to learn how to get your free audio mastering track back, free of charge, or upload your song using the field at the bottom for a free mastering sample.

If you like what you hear, then remember each additional song is only $10 per master! (Note, my mastering rate is normally $20 per song, but songs are going to be discounted at 50% through the end of Spring)

Compare that to the rates of other online mastering services and you’ll discover that no one offers either the same quality or anywhere near the same rock bottom prices!

Again, all new clients are recommended to get a free test master sample using the link above before progressing with Music Guy Mastering, so click on that link to submit your recorded song and hear the Music Guy Mastering difference today!