Mastering Rates

75% off Early Black Friday Audio Mastering Sale – $10 Per Song Master!

At Music Guy Mastering, there are no nebulous or sneaky “charge by the hour” (but who knows how much that will add up to) rates like many other studios operate by.

At Music Guy Mastering, every song is temporarily just a flat $10 (75% off my normal rate of $40 per master).

It doesn’t matter how many edits you request if you’re not satisfied when I return your mastered music to you – I’ll work with you until you’re completely satisfied.

You may be wondering why I charge so little when other studios are charging $100+ or more per song. The truth is:

  • I’m an independent artist myself, so I can appreciate affordable professional audio production services.
  • By charging less I get more business, so it’s really a win-win!

That’s right – each song of yours is only $10 away from sounding better than you ever could have imagined and I guarantee you won’t find anywhere near the same quality anywhere else, especially for such a low price!

Begin with a free test master sample to hear for yourself how much better your music could be sounding in the hands of Music Guy Mastering. If you like what you hear then we can move forward with any additional songs you’d like mastered.


$25 Per Project

Vinyl is back in a big way; this year alone I’ve had more requests for vinyl prepared audio than the last eight years combined.

Mastering for vinyl is a slightly different process than prepping an album for a purely digital release.

For $25 I’ll create a seamless WAV file of your entire mastered album which can be sent straight to the pressing plant.

If you’re interested in a vinyl release, you’re responsible for supplying me with the tracklist and information on any special gaps/transitions/crossfades between tracks (if applicable).


$25 Per Project

Interested in a CD release? Music Guy Mastering is fully equipped to create a flawless DDP image for just $25.

This DDP contains all of the digital information of your album which can be sent to CD replication plant for error-free replication.

If you’re interested in a DDP/CD release, you’re responsible for supplying me with information on tracklisting, song titles (exactly how you want them to appear), crossfades or special gaps between tracks (if applicable), and ISRC and UPC/EAN codes.

Regardless of which method of release you’re interested in for your music, after we have agreed on the final price based on which services you want, I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal, payable by Paypal account or credit/debit card.

Once both payment and your audio have been received, I will get started on your master and you can expect a finished product back in under 72 hours.