MusicGuyMastering.com is the virtual address for the online audio mastering service Music Guy Mastering.

Music Guy Mastering is committed to delivering quality and professional mastering services for artists around the world at rock bottom prices which are affordable to the average musician. Every project is carried out by the Music Guy himself, Tony, to meet and exceed the expectations of the artist.

For this reason, Tony encourages every new client to get a free test master sample before going any further so that they can experience firsthand the Music Guy Mastering experience without spending a dime. Then, if the artist is satisfied with the results and would like additional tracks mastered or are interested in having their album pressed to vinyl or CD, Tony provides those services with immediate turnaround time and at the lowest current mastering rates.

Most importantly, all artists are entitled to as many edits as they wish if the tracks are exactly how they like when they are returned to them.

If you have any additional questions, contact Tony direct at tony@musicguymastering.com.