Mastering Samples

Here are a couple of samples to give you an idea of what you can expect in terms of before and after. Note that the best thing which you can do is get a free test master of one of your own songs so that you can hear the difference firsthand.

First I’ll start off with one of my own tracks from the debut Brigands record entitled “Sunshine”.

Too much is made of boosting the levels/volume when it comes to mastering and oftentimes you’ll hear someone say that a track sounds better simply because it’s louder. It’s perceived to be better because increased the volume allows you to pick up on the dynamics more easily, especially on a poorly recorded/mixed/mastered track.

Therefore I’m offering you 3 versions of the same track, one unmastered, one mastered with the volume set at the same level as the unmastered track, and one mastered track with full volume so that you can note the differences.

First, the unmastered version:

Now listen to the mastered version with matched volume and note the difference in the audio:

Sounds cleaner, doesn’t it? Almost like you’ve removed the plastic wrap from the track so it doesn’t sound as flat.

Now the mastered version as it came out without any volume dropping:

Ultimately the goal is to deliver a more professional sounding record and that’s what was achieved through the Music Guy Mastering process.

Now check out a punk/ska band called “Hey Stranger” and an unmastered clip from “Rockstar”:

Now let’s hear that same clip after the Music Guy Mastering touch: