Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the “Privacy Policy” page. This page is to inform you of how information is collected when you visit this site.

The ONLY information collected when you visit this site is the fact that you, or whomever used your device, visited this site (we have no way of knowing who specifically, nor do we have any need to). To reiterate, the only information collected is that a visit was made to this site in general and specifically the behavior once you visited this site (time spent on site, which pages of the site were visited during that session, etc.).

No personal information is collected of any kind.

The note of your visit to this site is logged and collected by Google Analytics in the form of a cookie which is merely used to note that you have visited this site. This information is then made available to the website owner so that they can get a better idea of how visitors interact with the website. This is done in an effort to improve this website and ultimately provide a better user experience for you, the visitor.

Google Analytics uses cookies to track individual users’ browsing activity and from that piece together rough projections about the age and demographic of those users over time. This information gives the webmasters of various sites who are interested in analytics a better idea of the kind of ages and demographics of the users who visit their sites so that they can again ultimately provide a better user experience to the visitor.

To reiterate once more: NO personal information is ever collected by your use of this website. The only data collected is how anonymous users interact with this site.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, email

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